Asynchronous collaboration is the future of work: whether teams are fully remote, in distributed offices, across companies, or just want to focus as they scale under the same roof.

Collab is a new app for teams that enables this future, with a focus on meaningful discussion. It takes inspiration from all the great things about internal email and mailing lists, but is re-imagined from the ground up.


Topic Threading – Threaded conversations let teams focus by not requiring them to constantly monitor a chat stream and also encouraging more meaningful and thoughtful messages. Those who were not initially part of the discussion can have complete visibility to past conversations and quickly catch up on important discussions.

Addressing – Addressing messages to specific people, groups, or topic streams cuts down significantly on noise especially as team size scales.

Streams – Users can subscribe to only the topic streams that are relevant to them and catch up on relevant messages in batch process throughout the day when convenient. This enables teams to focus.

Direct Message – Sometimes, synchronous messaging is necessary, so users can direct messaging anyone. Those who are online are indicated with green dots. Conceptually, a DM is just a shortcut to sending a flattened thread addressed to only one person. It is private by default, but can be made visible if relevant to the rest of the team.

Future Features

Knowledge – Discussion becomes team knowledge. Currently, this is siloed in emails, people’s heads, docs, and wikis. Collab seamlessly integrates knowledge accumulation into the discussion workflow. This enables people to understand not only the current state of knowledge but how it came to be by following it back to what was discussed.

Tasks – Tasks and other action items are woven into discussion and team knowledge. Tools to see all pending tasks at a glance enable action towards common goals without the need for clunky third-party project management tools.


Forward any email thread to and all participants will be emailed back a magic link to a Collab thread that assembles the entire conversation in app and adds all participants. It’s like instantly upgrading from SMS to iMessage, no sign-up friction.